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Gas available for sale from various fields in Cauvery Asset of ONGC is delivered ex-ONGC fence to GAIL for further transmission and distribution to end consumers, PPCL is a customer of GAIL drawing gas from GAIL's pipeline network in Narimanam-Kuthalam area. There is no shortfall in gas supplies from ONGC side in the said area and it is given to understand from GAIL that PPCL has received 100% supplies against its firm allocation during 2011-12. As regards availability of new gas near Karaikal, the gas find / field apparently refers to PY-1 field which is operated by HOEC and ONGC has no comments to offer. An e-mail reply was conveyed to MOP&NG on 19.4.2012 based on above. The issue of feasibility of interconnecting PY-1 gas with Narimanam-Kuthalam pipeline network of GAIL may be addressed to GAIL.
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